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Global News Service (GNS) started in 2012. In these year, the reach has widen. We have employed many journalists and stringers to cover almost every district in Jammu and Kashmir. We try to feed the expansive appetite of the diverse subscribers, who among others include media organizations, research groups, government and non-governmental organisations.

GNS is registered with state Information Department and started functioning from 2012. Today, after these years of its service, GNS is known for breaking news first with accuracy.

Over these years, GNS has expanded reach on virtual world to connect with the readers across the globe and has already launched mobile App.

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M9 Matta House Magarmal Bagh, Lal Chowk,
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001

Phone: +91-941-904-9145, +91-959-603-4657
Email: editor@gnskashmir.com
Web: www.gnskashmir.com

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