PDP-BJP govt would be remembered for ‘atrocities’ in JK: Mir

Srinagar, April 15 (GNS): J&K Congress chief G A Mir Monday said the PDP-BJP government would be remembered for “atrocities against innocent people.”

“Criticizing both PDP BJP for playing politics over the Kashmir situation and the issues confronting people, Mir said  the unholy alliance between these parties shall also be remembered for a long, for the fact, during their rule scores of people have been blinded, maimed and jails  were filled,  mass arrests, intimidation of innocent people and whatnot has been done by PDP BJP,” a party statement quoted him as saying at a party meeting in Dooru area of South Kashmir.

“Congress Party fought against the atrocities against people and came on roads against high handedness and innocent killings, but in response the PDP- BJP unholy alliance with the full support of Centre adopted repressive measures against Congress leaders aiming to silence the genuine voice, besides withdrawing security of our Party leaders one by one despite that Congress party did not compromise on its stated position of fighting against injustice and innocent killings,” Mir said.

Mir said Narender Modi’s “rhetoric was based on the lies and deceit, he will no longer be able to mislead people on religious and caste basis for electoral gains, blaming PDP for the damages caused to people in Kashmir valley.” (GNS)

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