Trump administration to follow ‘buy American, hire Americans’

trumpWashington, Dec 14: (PTI) President-elect Donald Trump today said that his administration will follow two simple rules of “buy American and hire Americans”, claiming that the treaties the US has signed with other countries suggest that it has been putting interests of others ahead of itself.

“My administration will follow two simple rules. Buy American and hire Americans, right? We’re going to do it. Because from now on it’s going to be America first, America first,” Trump said at a ‘Thank You Tour’ rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

At an impressive victory rally – his first in this key State after his electoral victory – Trump alleged that previous leaders while striking deals with other countries did not put the country’s interest on top.

“I look at some of these deals we make and some of the treaties and some of everything and I say, I think these people were thinking about the other nations. I honestly do. I say it’s impossible for this to happen either that or campaign contributions were magnificent for people. But they are so bad the deals are so bad, so disgraceful that I actually think they are putting other countries ahead of our own,” he said.

“On trade, we’re now running a nearly USD 800 billion annual trade deficit. I say who makes these deals? Who, now think of it. I have friends in here who are business people. Who makes these deals? Eight hundred billion dollars,” he asked.

Trump said America has lost one-third of its manufacturing jobs since NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). “We have lost 70,000 factories. Think of it 70,000. It like doesn’t even sound like it’s possible. And I know it’s right because I have said it for the last month and a half and they never corrected me. So it has to be,” he said.

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